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Children's Eyes

Whether your child has lost an eye due to injury or illness, was born anophthalmic or with microphthalmia, your objective is more than likely to restore your child's appearance and encourage normal eye socket development.

The fitting of an ocular prosthesis (or artificial eye) is usually recommended and it is advised that this be done as soon as possible. The youngest patients Beryl Carvalho – Eyes Alive have helped were 2 month olds.

The reason for fitting from as young an age as possible is for the artificial eye to aid the eye socket shape, tissue and bone growth in and around the eye socket to develop in a more natural look.

As your child grows they will need to have their ocular prostheses replaced from time to time but your Ocularist will advise you as to the frequency of these replacements. As your child develops, this support is important.

Beryl says “I love interacting with the young children, although it is of my most challenging work and takes time, it is just so rewarding to work with these kids and get to know each one’s unique personality.”

Paediatric expertise

Beryl Carvalho of Eyes Alive is highly qualified in the fitting of prostheses for children and babies of all ages; in fact Eyes Alive has a high number of patients under the age of 5 years old.

Eyes Alive is adept at treating young patients in our calm and secure environment.

Please feel free to discuss your child’s treatment plan with us.

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