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Congenital Eye Disease

There are some eye disorders that people are born with.

Congenital eye conditions are present at birth and affect the eyes or vision.

Some of these defects are genetic and others can be the result of a disease (like vision loss due to German measles) or deficiency during pregnancy.

Congenital Eye Disease is not preventable and can impair vision and even cause blindness. While some conditions are instantly noticeable in an infant, others may only become apparent later in life.

Overcoming Obstacles

When a child is born without sight in one or both eyes they must overcome obstacles that sighted children will never experience, one of which is the psychological trauma that comes with looking different.

An ocular prosthesis or artificial eye can go a long way towards helping people, young and old, feel less self-conscious. We have seen how a prosthesis can increase ones self-confidence and mental health too.

How can we help?

We specialise in custom-designed, individually crafted and hand painted ocular prosthetics for people of all ages. We also supply and fit a range of stock ocular prosthetics. Both Beryl and Pedro Carvalho are OASA (Ocularists Association of Southern Africa) registered Ocularists on the NQF (National Qualifications Framework).

Please book an appointment with Eyes Alive to talk about how we can help you.

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