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Custom Artificial Eyes

Much like a biological eye, high grade acrylic prosthetic eyes are unique and durable.

Beyond the technical aspects of Ocularistry lies the art of designing and creating an artificial eye that is realistic, beautiful and comfortable.

Eyes Alive specialises in fabricating, fitting, shaping and painting ocular prostheses and our many satisfied clients are testimony to our expertise, professionalism and care.

Custom-made just for you!

Appearance plays a formidable role in the field of ocular prosthetics, not forgetting function.

Our passion for the art of creating artificial eyes drives us to pay meticulous attention to detail to ensure a natural look and feel.

We truly love what we do and the fact that we make a real difference to the lives of our clients is why we hold ourselves to the highest standards.

Our patients lose an eye or eyes for so many different reasons. Some are freak accidents like a young girl who was swinging her jersey around and around and the zip accidently caught the cornea, causing vision loss in the eye, and requiring an artificial eye.

Why invest in one of our custom artificial eyes?

The benefits are cosmetic, functional and psychological.

You can rest assured that we use the highest quality materials. The procedure is safe and performed in a comfortable setting by our compassionate Ocularist, Beryl Carvalho, who is quick to set your mind at ease.

The realism of our bespoke eyes improves cosmetic appearance and boosts the confidence of the wearer.

The question isn’t why you should invest in one of our custom artificial eyes, but rather why not?

Contact us today and see how we can help you.

History of hand-made artificial eyes

Dating back to ancient Egypt, the art of creating artificial eyes has been a calling for a dedicated few.

Metals and glass were used in the past but now the chosen material is a high-grade acrylic that is carefully hand-painted to create a very sophisticated ocular prosthesis.

How we do it

Our Ocularist, Beryl Carvalho, meticulously paints with her patients present to ensure an absolute match in pigmentation of the iris and realism of the sclera.

A professionally fabricated prosthetic eye takes time to make; from the initial mold through to detailed hand-painting of the shell.

Eyes Alive aims to deliver an eye that is a work of art in that it is virtually undetectable at first glance.

At Eyes Alive, our personally customised prosthetic eyes and shells are meticulously made to meet each of our patients’ specific requirements.

Each and every artificial eye we create is hand painted to match the functional eye.

Our prostheses are extremely detailed, taking into consideration the colour pigmentations of the iris and the blood vessels of the sclera (the white of the eye).

The iris is measured to match the sighted eye, centrally aligning the pupil.

These prosthetic units are glazed so that the colour is locked in for a lifetime.

In cases where both eyes need an ocular prosthesis we go as far as matching the eye colour to that of the family, taking genetic colouring into account, or working from photos of the patient in conjunction with a family member. Our Ocularist is also an expert in ensuring facial balance by modifying the shape of the shell or altering the volume of the eye in cases of ptosis (for example) where a drooping lower lid can cause an imbalance.

Read More About Ptosis Here. (add internal link to ptosis page)

We have patients from all walks of life who lose an eye or eyes for many and varied reasons. Even some in the past who lost an eye during a motor accident when an air bag had deployed. They seem to have a more improved version of air bags these days, though.

We Care

We take pride in our very personalised service, ensuring that our patients are tenderly cared for from their first consultation through to the eye’s fitting and after care.

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