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Is the posterior displacement of the eyeball within the orbit due to changes in the volume of the orbit (bone) relative to its contents (the eyeball and orbital fat), or loss of function of the orbitalis muscle.

The posterior displacement of the eyeball within the orbit is known as enophthalmos.

The recessed position of the globe creates a sunken-in appearance. This condition should not be confused with exophthalmos (anterior eye displacement).

Patients say it’s not easy for people to make eye contact with them as their eye or eyes are so small and fitting an eye prosthesis over the eye or eyes makes a huge difference to the patients psyche.

Read More About Microphthalmia Here. (add internal link to microphthalmia)


  • Trauma (orbital fractures etc.)
  • Horner's Syndrome (due to ptosis)
  • Marfan Syndrome (silent sinus syndrome)
  • Phthisis bulbi
  • Congenital anomalies
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