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Are you suffering from acute eye trauma, retinoblastoma (ocular tumours) or painful blind eyes?

Chances are your Ophthalmologist has recommended enucleation or you have heard a friend talk about it.

What is enucleation?

Enucleation is a procedure in which the eyeball, along with its internal contents is removed from the orbital socket.

However the eye muscles are left intact so that they can be reattached to an ocular implant.

The implant is inserted to replace any volume loss and to assist in the movement of the ocular prosthesis. However, where possible, your Ophthalmologist will perform an evisceration, which is less invasive.

Read More About Eviceration Here. (add internal link to evisceration).

A patient of ours was working at a supermarket and pushed the trolleys together and the hook that we all use to place the dog food or big bags onto was loose on one trolley, it broke off and shot up into his eye. The surgeon said he had never seen such a clean enucleation done by a surgeon. Such a freak accident. The patient now wears an eye prosthesis.

Post-surgery ocular prosthesis

More commonly known as an artificial eye, an ocular prosthesis is an acrylic shell created to strongly resemble a biological/sighted eye.

Approximately 6 weeks after your surgery (depending on your personal healing progress) you will meet your Ocularist.

The Ocularist will assess the health and stability of your eye socket with a view to designing a prosthesis that will be a perfect fit for you. Our Ocularist, Beryl Carvalho, will focus on creating the highest quality, most comfortable, cosmetically pleasing and matching prosthetic eye.

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