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Haptic Shell

We are qualified Ocularists able to provide you with an eye prosthesis.

Depending on your condition or injury we will advise you as to whether you require a complete ocular prosthetic or a haptic shell (also known as a scleral shell) to cover an affected eye.

Haptic scleral shells/lenses fit over a blinded/affected eye to create a look that is realistic and natural.

This allows our patients to feel confident in their appearance, which is one of the most common issues people who lose an eye are faced with.

On a side note, haptic shells are very thin and can be broken more easily than a full eye prosthesis. It is imperative that extra care be taken if you decide to get a haptic shell.

Keep it in a safe place or a hard container such as the ones used for contact lenses, don’t put it in your wallet, pocket or tissue. One of our patients was at the seaside and took his thin haptic shell out while swimming; he placed it in his wallet for safe keeping. He later put the wallet in his back pocket and sat on it, snapping the haptic shell eye prosthesis.

The process

First we take a mould/impression of your ocular cavity. This impression is to ensure the best possible fit and comfort. Once we have an impression we then make the haptic shell, once the haptic shell is ready it is hand-painted to compliment its companion for optimum natural cosmesis and to restore symmetry.

Extreme attention to detail and extra care is taken in fabricating our haptic shells, particularly in ensuring a comfortable fit.

We believe that with a well-made ocular prosthesis you will enjoy a boost in your self-esteem.

With our vast experience we believe we are very familiar with the trauma of having an eye removed or a disfigured blinded eye.

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We are here to help and advise you on the best course of action so that you can live a healthy, happy and productive life.

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