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Natural Scleral

Designed to be worn over a disfigured or discoloured eye, a scleral cover shell is a thin prosthetic eye.

Covering the entire surface of the blemished eye and restoring its natural appearance, a scleral shell offers relief to patients both physically and psychologically.

All it takes to obtain your prosthetic eye is approximately 4 or 5 appointments with us as Ocularists – there is no surgery involved.

Our patients who have been living with an unsightly eye for a long time and only later become made aware that a scleral shell can be fitted for them are some of our happiest patients because they have gone for years being rejected in society and suddenly they are perceived as normal when they walk in a mall, sit in a coffee shop or the like.

Lifelike appearance

Fitting a scleral shell prosthesis involves a custom impression moulding process that ensures an anatomically correct and comfortable match.

A well-made scleral shell will maintain fantastic movement, which accompanied by its terrific lifelike appearance makes it a really positive experience for our patients.

Looking for an Ocularist in South Africa?

Eyes Alive are members of the Ocularists Association of Southern Africa (OASA) and are fully accredited with an Ocularist Designation on the NQF.

Eyes Alive endeavours to offer an exemplary service to all our patients. We’d love to meet you to see how we can improve the quality of your life.

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