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Ocular Prosthetics

An ocular prosthetic is an artificial eye. The prosthesis replaces a biological eye lost to blindness, illness or injury.

An implant is inserted into the eye socket that fills the space the eyeball once occupied. Once the implant is in place a prosthetic shell is created to cover the surface of the implant. A prosthetic shell does not allow the wearer to see but it is designed to mirror the sighted or biological eye for a natural appearance.

At Eyes Alive, we specialise in custom designed prosthetic eyes and this is our practice’s focus.

Beryl Carvalho manufactures and fits prosthetic eyes every day, that’s all we do at Eyes Alive. We are very passionate about our work and love the interaction with the patients.

What is an Ocularist?

An Ocularist is an eye-care professional concentrating on the manufacture and fitting of ocular prostheses.

The fabrication process an Ocularist undertakes includes taking an impression of the eye socket, shaping an acrylic shell or model, painting the iris and sclera and then fitting the artificial eye.

Eyes Alive also educates our patients on the care of the eye while also providing long-term patient care.

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