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Phthisical Eye

When an eye has been damaged, eyesight has been lost and the eye's orb has begun shrinking to create an irregular cornea this is known as a Phthisical eye.

The best way to address this condition is usually in the fitting of a scleral shell over the Phthisical eye. We have seen great results using a scleral shell.

When a patient comes to Beryl Carvalho – Eyes Alive, they are often downcast and this shows openly in their appearance. Once a patient has been fitted with an ocular prosthesis over their phthisical eye they say it becomes much easier to function in society.

Realistic appearance

Fitting a scleral shell prosthesis involves a custom impression moulding process. This offers the best and most comfortable match.

A well-made scleral shell will give the wearer natural ease of movement, along with its natural appearance makes it a popular choice for our patients.

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