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Primary Juvenile Glaucoma

Primary Juvenile Glaucoma is glaucoma that develops due to ocular hypertension and is evident either at birth or within the first few years of life. It is caused due to abnormalities in the anterior chamber angle development that obstruct aqueous outflow in the absence of systemic anomalies or other ocular malformation.

We have many patients who have lost vision or an eye through Glaucoma, and some of these patients lose vision in both eyes eventually.  One of the patients who wears an eye prosthesis after an enucleation due to glaucoma as a baby, has glaucoma in the other eye still. She takes medication daily and has had surgery to improve the glaucoma already in her short life. Please remember to take medications exactly as the doctor prescribed to prevent eye loss due to Glaucoma.

Paediatric expertise

We are highly qualified in the fitting of prostheses for children and babies of all ages; in fact we have a high number of patients under the age of 5 years old. We are adept at treating young patients in our calm and secure environment. Please feel free to discuss your child’s treatment plan with us.

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