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Ptosis is a drooping or falling of the upper eyelid.

Droopy eyelids?

'Droopy eyelids', or ptosis is when the upper eyelid of one (unilateral ptosis) or both eyes (bilateral ptosis) droops.

In some cases the drooping is scarcely noticeable, in others the eyelid can sag over the entire pupil.

Ptosis affects children (congenital ptosis) and adults (acquired ptosis) alike. The most common ptosis is related to aging but as Ocularists we are concerned with ptosis caused by an ill-fitting ocular prosthesis (or artificial eye).

When the fatty tissue in the upper lid area falls away after surgery, as it often does with our patients, they develop a ptosis. This can be corrected, every now and then, by the Ocularist and otherwise a surgical procedure can be recommended by your Ocularist. Some of our patients simply use a pair of slightly tinted spectacles to disguise this appearance and forego surgery.

Ptosis caused by a prosthetic eye

An ocular prosthetic or artificial eye can cause the muscle that lifts the eyelid (levator muscle) to stretch and thin.

The progression of ptosis can be caused by the weight and shape of a prosthesis along with a lack of natural lubrication.

We highly recommend a consultation with an Ocularist who will change the shape of the prosthetic unit in order to push the eyelid upwards.

Should this make your prosthetic eye too heavy or uncomfortable we recommend ptosis corrective surgery after which we can make your prosthesis smaller and more comfortable.

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