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Stock Eye

There are substantial differences between custom-made and ready-made artificial eyes. While a stock eye prosthesis is very much more affordable, custom-made eye prostheses will often be the first option your Ocularist will recommend as they take into consideration the individual features and physical needs of the wearer.

Custom-made artificial eyes generally offer more comfort, better eye motility and a more natural looking result.

Stock artificial eyes offer a relatively realistic appearance and can sometimes cause irritation if the eye does not fit well.

Manufactured in a variety of standard sizes, shapes and iris colours, stock eyes are mass produced, which means there is no guarantee that these prefabricated shapes will be the right shape or colouration for your socket. That being said, we have fitted many a stock eye prosthesis with good results over the years we’ve been in practice.

Our patients with budget constraints often opt for a stock eye prosthesis.

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